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Welcome to kodes DistrApplic

The solution for distribution-guided planning


DistrApplic is a powerful tool for use in general planning tasks based on historical data and/or distribution curves.You can initialize a new planning task by using values of empirical data (e.g. projects, budget allocation, payments-in and payments-out flows, general expenses) which have been saved as templates or start to plan manually.

The planning is done always within a domain, planning units are distributed to planning elements according to a template. For example:

  • Domain = Cash-Flow-Planning
  • Planning Units = EUR
  • Planning Elements = Budget

In this example Cash-Flow-Planning is done by distributing EUR over the timeline to cost types.

Based on your historical data you can develop you own templates for each domain where you can use already defined distribution curves.  Just the Start, Duration and the percental amount of the planning element to be distributed must be known in order to define such a template.

Existing models (for example Cash-Flow-Planning) can be re-planned at any time by means of a template or manually.

DistrApplic enables you to reach better, faster decisions using empirical values.


A powerful solution, it is quick and easy to use and able to adapt flexibly to dynamic and changing business situations.
Improve your businesses ability to monitor planning in multiple domains with various details depth.
Quickly generate planning using templates and more than 20 standard distributions.
Data export in Excel and HTML.
Take better decisions by using the graphical interfaces and extrapolation tool.
Install and start to use DistrApplic successfully within only few minutes!
MS SQL Server compatible, thus worldwide data access.
Multi-user environment with user-dependent access control

...and much more


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