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Welcome to kodes XCTool !

The solution for professional Project Management


XCTool is the first tool for use in project management and business applications that can support your entire business, from budget planning and purchase orders to invoices and payments right up to the project close out.  XCTool is also the first net-based application to provide an integrated, powerful all-in-one solution.  Further, XCTool enables you to reach better, faster decisions using real-time processing.  An overview of the entire project is available to project and cost managers at any time, allowing every process to be planned and controlled in an integrated network application.  XCTool reports incorporate all elements of the process. 

A powerful solution, quick and easy to use and able to adapt flexibly to dynamic and changing business situations
Improve your businesses ability to monitor budget changes, purchasing processes, invoices, payments and cost balances
Identify cost imbalances before they get out of hand
Take better decisions since the user is given by real-time processing information about project costs and results
More efficiency and accuracy as several recording and reporting processes are bundled within a project
Install and start using XCTool successfully within only few hours!
Use pre-configured reports for immediate project results
Program updates take place automatically without any further program installation

XCTool benefits

Why should you be using XCTool as Project Management / Controlling software?

XCTool is the sole non-ERP software that combines all business activities such as Project Planning / ~ Controlling, Project Purchasing, Project Invoice Checking, Vendor Payments and the Project Financial Statement in one easily manageable tool. The integration of all these tasks into a single tool provides enhanced productivity for your organisations.

Budgeting, cost analysis, cost tracking and cost recording in defined project structures
Just one tool to register all project purchase orders and project costs
Generate vouchers for all project expenditure
Generate line item reports, cost reports, project summary reports and many additional reports for a precise project management
Immediate information about assigned project costs
Use different currencies in projects
Multi-user environment with user-dependent access control


...for Project Setup

Define of cost code keys and structuring of cost groups according to various aspects of business administration and their subsequent order in the reporting system. Additionally, XCTool provides a project summary report in a Contract Report
Define of different standard units of measurement for any project e.g. project-specific or cross-project currencies, periodically dependent exchange rates and payment accounts
Generate up to 9-level project structures, for example:
1. Level: project overall, 2. Level: project phases, 3. Level: contract categories, 4. Level: cost groups = summarisation levels, 5. Level: budgeting, planning and accounting, ...
Define a detailed sub-assembly cost level for further differentiation of purchase orders and costs.
Register of several master data (vendors, suppliers, cost code keys, cost groups, units, currencies, ...)

...for the Project Planning phase

Revenues planning by entering the realized project-selling price
Cost planning through the entry of individual budgets in defined planning and cost-/allocation elements in various plan versions

...for the Project Purchase phase

Create purchase orders for material deliveries, other services (subcontracts) and related extra work orders, along with their allocation to cost elements
Create new vendor whilst activating purchase orders
Print out and pdf – export of purchase orders

...for the vendor billing

Recording and tracking of all invoices, entry of payment dates

...for the release of vendor payments

Recording and tracking of all payments, elimination of vendor overpayment
Support for various payment methods (Bank transfers, checks, and cash)
Compile and print payment approval application forms for vendor invoices for all accounts (payable and cash)

...for actual cost tracking

Booking the invoices to be paid as costs on cost elements already deposited in purchase orders, subcontracts or extra work orders
Booking of cash payments costs on cost elements

...for the provision of liquidity

Transfer of liquidity between various accounts (payable and cash)

...for continuous Project Calculation

Recording of variations / change orders in respect of project value (customer supplements or reductions)
Planning of still to be expected costs using the cost-to-complete method through cost planning inputs in various plan versions (change order, budget transfer, various other changes) on defined cost elements
Rebooking and cancellation of wrong-booked costs

...for period-end closing in accounting

Release of new booking period only if the costs to be expected correspond with purchase or payment situation on cost elements

...and much more


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